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Here you can find What on, and where to find Red Phoenix Performance, and a range of packages which you book. Can't wait for story? Then visit the Activity Page to make one of your own.

What's On

Book Launch

Buckinghamshire Folk Tales is a collection of stories from around the county of Buckinghamshire, including 18 stories from the 'new town' of Milton Keynes. 


Come to the Book Launch on the 21st Sept 3.30pm - 7pm at Stony Stratford Library, 5-7 Church Street, MK11 1BD

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Curious House of Stories: A South Coast Storytelling Festival

Red Phoenix is performing among an amazing line up of storytellers including: Sarah Rundle, Dave Tonge, Carl Merry, & Sef Townsend to name but a few. The storytelling festival in Hastings is part of the annual Steampunk Festival; The Circus of Curiosities.

14th&15th Sept (11am-6pm) St Leonards Show Ground, Magdalen Rd, St Leonards, TN37 6EG.



Stony Storytellers: Coaching Classes

These are for people interested in oral storytelling, we request no reading aloud allowed. On the 4th Tuesday of every month (not August or December), we meet at Studio 3.2, York House in Stony Stratford MK11 1JQ to flex our storytelling muscles and build skills. We start each Septemeber with the basics and throughout the year build skills, and if participants wish we present a showcase in early July. The first session this year is the 24th Sept, followed by the 22nd Oct, and 26th Nov. £10 per session, £5 concessions.

Preparing the Parable

The first of four annual full-day oral storytelling workshops. This workshop provides participants new to storytelling, or wanting to refresh their skills, with; where to find stories they wish to work with, how to approach learning a story, and starting the journey to hone their own style of storytelling.

This workshop will be followed in 2020 by 'Spinning the Story (intermediate level), Topping the Tale (advanced level) and a themed workshop open to all levels, TBC.



26th October, 10am-4.30pm



These session can be stand alone performances of the myths and legends of past cultures, or supported by workshops which can be tailored to specific key stages.

Choose from:








Medieval Mayhem

Milton Keynes ONLY - Local History


Professor Red Phoenix, the world reknowned Dragonologist search and conserves dragons around the world, and is happy to investigate your dragon problems.

This is a cross curriculum based package consisting of a performance, and class workshops using dragon myths to explore world cultures, geography, biology, chemistry, english, and art.






From classroom to corporate, basic to personalised coaching, Red Phoenix Storytelling offers a range of workshops on storytelling (creating stories and how to tell them), performance, and vocal care. Workshops can be tailored to curriculum projects, keys stages, and professional needs.







Spooky Stories and Halloween Howls

Spooky Stories and Halloween Howls are great fun any time of the year, filled with creepy stories, ghosts, vampires, and things that go bump in the night. Please remember to quote the ages of the expected audience and we will tailor the stories to suit.

Animal Tales

These stories are filled with crafty critters, wise waggers, and heroic hooves. The animals in these stories reflect an image of what it is to be human and filled with humour and lessons. Fun for all ages and full of audience participation. 



Folk and Wonder Tales

Folk tales are full of fun, lessons, and the human experince, whilst wonder tales are adventures filled with impossible feats, mythical creatures and magic. Enjoyable for young and old alike, and can suit a range of themes and curriculum learning.


Red Phoenix creates and performs story shows which last from 1hr to 1.5hrs.

These include:

The Crown of Feathers & Fins

Hunting the Big Bad Wolf

Tales of Buckinghamshire

My passport says Storyteller




Storytelling at festivals offers family friendly fun and interactive participation. The Red Phoenix Story Tent provides a cosy den to listen to tales to suit many occassions, whether it is feature length performance (1hr) or a short stories told throughout the festival.




Red Phoenix Storytelling can create performances and/or workshops to suit a range of themes, learning, and development skills, or facilitate 1-2-1 coaching in the areas of Story making, public speaking and performance skills, vocal care, and script writing. If you would like to discuss a project further please contact us.

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