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Hello my name is Terrie Howey and I am better known as storyteller Red Phoenix. I have been performing and facilitating performance workshops since 1992, and in 2007 I founded Red Phoenix Storytelling, and have been the Artistic Director since. I founded Red Phoenix Storytelling & Productions to share my love of storytelling and make it more accessible to a wider range of audiences, whilst supporting and developing up and coming tellers.

I wear many different hats, aside from being a full time storyteller, I am also an Arts Award Advisor for Trinity College London, (an international initiative for young people 7 – 25yrs to gain qualifications and gain experience in the arts), the Hampshire representative for the Society for Storytelling, and a member of Surrey Storytelling Guild, Director of the Young Storyteller of the Year Committee, a member of Equity and a Winston Churchill Fellow. I am also a Freelance Theatrical Dramaturg, which was my specialism at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, for which I was awarded a First with Hons.

Although I confess to having been a storyteller in the making all my life, it was my time in Edinburgh and visiting the Scottish Storytelling Centre frequently which was the real turning point. Here I was lucky enough to be inspired by Donald Smith, John Hamilton and Robert Howat to note but a few. However the learning has never stopped, and nor should it, so I have continued to train with exceptional tellers such as Vayu Naidu, Janet Dowling, Shonaleigh Cumbers, Michael Harvey, Graham Langley, Jamie Crawford, Hugh Lupton and Taffy Thomas MBE.

I have performed and lead workshops all over the world, and create original tales, sometimes by researching and drawing from historical sources, as well as telling tradition stories. These experiences have led to a broad repertoire of stories and projects which are being added to all the time as new challenges arise.


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