Thats a wrap!

Well two days of recording and I have laid down 11 tracks, not all will make the album but it is good to have a choice. So once the editing is complete and I have ok’d the artwork the CD will be ready to go.

It was so strange telling stories without an audience to a small piece on metal and wires, it was also really hard to concentrate on not allowing my dynamic range (how loud and quite I spoke) to get carried away, I am so used to telling to large crowds, outside and over coming other noises that I have developed a very powerful voice (read as I got a big mouth). So yesterday was a struggle as I got used to studio work. However today went really well, (mostly chocolate fuelled – yes I know chocolate is bad for the vocal cords, but its great for the energy levels after having telling for hours of it was most needed) I got the stories in one take and they will only need a small amount of editing (to remove giggling and hiccups).

I have to say I was quite nervous and actually ended up really enjoying it, I hope Steve who patiently recorded hours on end of stories, enjoyed it too, even if over the course of weekend I spooked him out, made him laugh and even moved him to tears, all of which bodes well I think for finished album. Looking forward to holding the finished product in my hands.